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    Sometimes you need to grab a chair and sit, relax and unwind.  The journey through life is bumpy!  I know… Keep Reading

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    When you can’t stand up and dance, You can sit dance and get fit!  That is what Senior Chair Dance… Keep Reading

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Get Healthy and Fit

Paul Eugene Exercise Videos are now available on Amazon Prime.  There are 11 exercise videos on Prime now, but more are being added each week.  By the end of the summer there show be 20+ exercise videos.  The videos are the full versions.

Why Amazon Prime?

Instant delivery

Order and start watching in seconds. No waiting for deliveries. No shipping and handling charges. Never out of stock. No lost or damaged shipments. And if you a Prime member you can watch them for free anytime, any device, any place!


DVDs that can get damaged or lost, you’ll never lose your digital purchases, they are always stored in the cloud.  You can conveniently stream the exercise videos on your smartphone, tablet, Laptop, PC Desktop, Roku and Apple TV!

Environment Friendly!

Billions DVD discs go into landfills every year. Enjoy the advantages of streaming and do your part in saving the planet while you’re at it!

Paul Eugene Exercise Videos are currently on Amazon Prime:

Exercise Videos On Amazon Prime, Shop Now!

  • Chair Aerobics  Dance Party In Chair (New)
  • Wheel Chair Fitness 1 (New)
  • Chair Fitness Upper Body Workout (New)
  • Senior Gold Dance Workout (New)
  • Gospel Aerobics – Workout Praise Lose Weight (New)
  • Chair Aerobics 1 Sit Exercise Get Fit
  • Chair Fitness
  • Chair Fitness Boxing
  • Chair Fitness Turbo Chair – Advanced
  • Latin Chair Aerobics
  • Step Aerobics Made Easy

Coming Soon:

  • Hi Lo Chair Aerobics
  • Chair Strength Training
  • Chair Flow – Seated Meditation and Stretch
  • Chair Aerobics 2
  • Gospel Chair Aerobics
  • Gospel Step Aerobics
  • Walk Fitness
  • Kids Dance & Fitness
  • Kids Workout Lose Weight


DVD’s are still available, and are sent first class via USPS.

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