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Get Fit! Watch Now! Paul’s Fitness TV Show Happy Holidays Inspirational Moments Watch Video Paul Eugene TV Watch Now Dance Party In A Chair Watch Preview zDance Fitness Watch Now What lies ahead?   What dreams / goals do you have in mind? The mere fact that you have a goal or dream let’s you know there is something greater or better to do than what you are currently doing.  What is your spirit and soul telling you?  Write it down and began planning to reach the goal/dream.  A word of advice is to not to jump in with both feet unless you are absolutely ready.  There is a saying 1 foot in, 1 foot out, or testing the waters.  It is better to do that than nothing at all.  Listed below are some tips for setting goals to unleash the dreams in side of you. Use positive visualization of what you want to accomplish Write your dream down. Be open to accept change. Spend time around people who are going after or living their dreams. Eliminate can’t from your spoken and unspoken vocabulary. Be optimistic and enthusiastic about your dream. What tools are needed for your dream? Believe in the power of faith and hope. There is no substitute for hard work. Don’t forget the little things. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.   Dreams Forgotten Forsaken Resurrected?
Will you put on the pounds or leave them off during this holiday season? This the season to slip into a path destructive eating. A little nimble here and little nimble there but those calories can add up and if you slack off from working out, well you just may end up with jolly fat tummy.  It’s ok to nimble during the holiday season but do so in moderation.  One way to reduce the over indulging is drink water before going out to the dinners or parties, that will give you the affect of being full so you won’t eat as much.  Don’t forget your workouts!  Be creative to get small workouts in during the day.  For example walk the stairs in stead of the an elevator or escalator if possible.  Do sit ups, squats  or push up during commercials.  See the little things you do count.   Well have a happy holiday season. Sign Up For Free Newsletter