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Fitness Ball Workout

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Fitness Ball Workout – most of the time when you think of working out on a fitness ball you think of lifting up a swiss back, but there is a twist in this workout, we sit on the ball during the entire workout.  Keep Reading

March Walk Dance

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March Walk Dance To Fitness

I can’t think of a better combination to get healthy and fit by marching, walking and dancing to the beat.  You got your legs, arms and lungs all moving to the beat.  Walking is consider one of the best low impact exercises you can do and least expensive on your wallet.  No Gym or Health Club membership!  If you watch any of my exercise videos you can hear me say, “I’m going to countdown from 4 and you’re going to March out on your right leg”.  Marching is a basis holding pattern to get you prepared for the next move that is about to come.  Can you think of times when you are just marching in place?  It’s your blood flowing through your body, warming it up and then you are ready to move.

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Life Is Short

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5 Fold Resolution To Live Life By

Life Is Short! It is not as long as we think. Do you have any resolutions to live your life by? In this video clip I share with with the 5 Fold Resolutions that Jonathan Edwards a preacher of from the 1700’s lived by.
1 – To live with all my might while I do live.
2 – Never to lose a moment of time.
3 – Never to do anything out of revenge.
4 – Never to do anything that I would despise in another.
5 – Never to do anything which I would be afraid to do if it were the last hour of my life.

May this inspire to think about your life. How do you want to spend that last hour?

Be inspire! Be Motivated! Take Charge of Your Life Again!
Paul Eugene

Walk Fitness

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15 Benefits of Walking Your Way To Health!

Walking is one of the best exercises you can do, and it has many benefits. Here are a few to get you inspired and motivated. . .

* Easy on your joints – Walking is low impact on hips, knees, and ankles which means that your joints won’t be jarred or harmed as they might be by jogging or running.

* Good exercise for your heart and lungs – You get a good workout without sending your heart rate too high or exerting yourself too much.

* Reduces risk of heart disease, stroke, hypertension, and some cancers – Sedentary people are susceptible to many diseases, and walking helps to lower the chances of these serious ailments.

* Benefits your entire body – If you swing your arms as you walk, your entire body gets a workout, unlike other exercise plans.

* Diabetes prevention – Walking just a couple of hours a week cuts your risk of developing diabetes.

* Helps you lose weight – Walking burns calories, which helps you keep your weight under control.

* Relieves stress – Walking releases endorphins, which help you feel more alive and happier.

* Easy to scale up or down – You can easily control the intensity of your walking routine. To increase the challenge, walk faster or uphill. To take it easy, slow down or walk on a level or downward-sloping surface.

* Simple to track progress – Wear a pedometer, or drive your route and check your tripometer to see how far you walk. If you wear a pedometer, aim for 10,000 steps daily.

* It’s safe – You won’t be working on heavy machines or jumping up and down. Walking is one of the safest exercise activities you can do.

* Easy to do – Everyone can walk at their own pace. As you progress, you can add time or distance to your workout.

* Little preparation – Put on your walking shoes and go!

* You can do it anywhere at any time – From the top of a mountain or around your living room, you can walk anytime, anywhere. It’s your choice.

* Gives you self-confidence – As you increase your stamina, you’ll feel better and enjoy walking. This gives you the confidence you need to continue walking or to try other activities.

* Is a social activity – If you’re walking with others, you have social interaction and can build new friendships or cement old ones.

When you walk, you benefit everything from brain to toe. It’s a highly effective and beneficial activity, especially if you’ve been sedentary. Walk and live!


Dancing My Way To Fitness

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Dancing is a fun way to exercise your body soul and spirit to fitness.   I have been teaching dance fitness since 1989 but back then it was know as Aerobic Dance, Jazz exercise, Funk Aerobics, Hi Lo Aerobics, Hip Hop then Zumba.  But I prefer the former formats then the last one.  I have been through some physical challenges in the past 6 years, cancer, back injury, spinal cord surgery but they have not been able to steal my passion and joy for dancing as one of ways I stay fit.

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Step Aerobics Made Easy

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Remember back in the day when you use to do step aerobics?  It time to Jump Start your step aerobics again.  I can remember those days where I had soo much fun teaching as well as taking another instructor class.  Now here is opportunity to get back into it.   The moves are easy to follow and the pace is at such a level that you won;t have to worry about trying to catch your breathe. Give It A Try!

Watch Full Version On Amazon Prime Video Now!


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Death Birthday Great Grandson

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Good Day! This is an update as to what I have dealing with in the past months. My mom of 100 years old passed away, I turned 62 years old and I became a great grandpa! I am excited about the years that are ahead of me. I am back to creating low impact exercise workouts and you should see them showing up soon. My full version exercise videos are now on Amazon Prime, I am going to  get back to  producing my Inspirational Moments videos and seek speaking engagements.  That is what’s been happening in my life. What about yours?


Sit Relax Unwind

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Sometimes you need to grab a chair and sit, relax and unwind.  The journey through life is bumpy!  I know no one who has had a smooth course.  And if they tell you so, they are either lying or have not yet encounter the bumps, but they are coming.  Keep Reading

Bibilical Fasting

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The other day I got on the scale and say my weight at 224 lbs.  I scream!  I told myself I got to do something about it.  As I sat in the sauna at the gym 4 words came to my mind, Fast, Read, Pray and Exercise.  I saw the plan right before my eyes to get my self back onto a healthy level again.

When I got home I read the account of Jesus fasting, which he did before he launch out to his public ministry.  As I read the account, I could see that there would be challenges along the way.  My body will be screaming for sure, but other things will also come at me, like people tempting me with things that will get in my way, and then the devil himself.  As I read the account I notice that there was so much activity going on in the spiritual realm.  There was the Holy Spirit, Satan and Angels!  So there is more going on then we can see with our naked eye.

I ask myself does God want me to do a 40 day fast or perhaps a 21 day fast like Daniel did in the old testament?  The answer is neither!  God wants me to make fasting a lifestyle!  To fast regularly.  I begin to see God plan unfold as I was doing research online regarding fasting and I kept coming across Intermittent Fasting.   That is a fast where you have set times and days when you fast.  You intentionally choose not to eat at certain times and to consume water only.  Also at the times you do eat you do so healthy.  Plus you must include your exercise program in it.  Time for the reading the word of God and Prayer.

I could see my plan clearly.  I am a AM man.  I get to the gym between 5:30 and 5:45 AM to workout.  I usual do 30 minutes of cardio and then 10 minutes in sauna where I usually mediate or pray.  Then off to work!  I will not eat until lunch time which is at 1 PM and have my dinner before 8 PM.  That is my intermittent fasting.  I will at some point kick in 1 day day a week a 24 hour fast.

What results to I expect to achieve from this?  A healthier lifestyle.  For one by skipping breakfast, which is where I really eat bad, I opt to eat a healthy veggie lunch!  It also gives me the incentive to walk pass the fast food restaurants on my home and stock my kitchen with healthy foods.  I know from the past when I stop eating fast food, my taste buds do not like it when every I try it again after being away from it. So goodbye my fast food friends, I wont’t miss you!

I also expect to be stronger spiritually because of my intentional purpose to read, study and mediate on the word of God.  Whoo hoo I am on a roll!

Question? Is fasting a part of your lifestyle?  Do you think it will benefit you?

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Senior Chair Dance

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When you can’t stand up and dance, You can sit dance and get fit!  That is what Senior Chair Dance is all about.  This workout was created by me to inspire those with limited mobility that they can exercise and do so in a fun way.  All too often we see exercise videos for those with limited mobility very slow, with lack of energy and the instructor just going through the motions as if the they are teaching 5 years old.  Not so with Paul Eugene.  So if you are a baby boomer, senior or you need to sit dance and get fit, you are at the right place.

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