Paul Eugene Dances Again!

Dancing Again!  I never thought I would be dancing again after I injured my back 2 years ago.  At that time the doctors did not give me any sign of hope except that I would be able to walk for now at my normal pace but in about 5 years I would need surgery.  But something happen 2 months ago.  I started to experience right side weakness on my right leg.  Then one day I lost all the strength and had a fall!  The first thing that came to my mind was that’s it I will surely soon not able to walk.  In fact I was so fearful of falling that I walked very cautiously.  I went to my doctor who directed me to see the back doctor from 2 years ago.  But he was booked for a full month.  I refused to wait that long.  After not being able to find a doctor to take a interest in my problem.  I prayed to God for help.  The answer to my prayer was that God Will Provide The Best Health care for me.  The next day I was walking down the hall at the hospital I worked at and I saw Neurosurgeon Dr. Kojo Hamilton and told him about my problem.  He said he would help me.  Upon meeting with him he told the CT, MRI and Xrays looked good, but that I need some physical therapy from a therapist who specialized with dancers and athletes.  He looked at me and said if you follow my plan of care I can have you back out dancing again.  I heard him but it went straight over my head.  No previous doctor has every given me such hope and promise.  So I follow his plan of care and I went into the dance studio for the first time about 2 weeks ago and had a fun time.  No I am not dancing at the level I use to, but to be able to move around the floor again was like being in heaven.  So with that said here is a video clip of Paul Eugene Dancing Again!

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