Mediterranean Diet My Diet of Choice

I have never been on any of “Diet” plans such as Atkins, South Beach, Weight Watchers, etc.  But a few years ago my doctor suggested that I tried the Mediterranean Diet, not because I was over weight but for health reasons.  I looked at and said it sounds good, looks healthy but I never gave it a try.  His suggestion all came back to my mind recently when I had a physical and my weight had reached 220 pounds.  I could not believe! I got home and got my scale it was true.  So I decided it was time to act.  I still had the Mediterranean Diet plan I had purchased back in 2013 still on my PC.  I open it up and started reading it for real this time.  My concern was about my overall heath.  Now 61 I did not want to have a stroke or heart attack.  I had read reports about the positive impact the Mediterranean Diet had on not just weight loss and management but also on the brain and helping to reduce the on come of Alzheimer’s.

I wasted no time getting things in order.  I went grocery shopping for the low cholesterol foods, vegetables, fruits, nuts, fish, etc.  I had my last Cherry Coke and all the other junk I was eating.  I used my oven and baked some chicken and had strings beans, carrots and corn. Plus the bonus, a glass of red wine.  I got up this morning and did my work out and created my smoothie with spinach, banana, berries and Greek yogurt.  It was hmm good!  My creativity is flowing again.

I know just being on this diet alone is not going to help me to achieve to goal of dropping the pounds and keeping it at healthy level but exercise and rest play a role in it to.  Here’s to me be fit in Spirit, Soul and Body,

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