Your Gift Makes Room For You!


We all have been given gifts and talents and when you use them as they should be used, they will make room for you. They will bring into the audience that was destined for you. The people in your audience will be great and small. Great in sense of title and small in the sense of economy. But nevertheless your gift will touch all. You may appear before kings and queens or the homeless person on the street. You never know who you will reach. So launch out and express your gift. It is great even if others tell you it is small.

The gift will reward you many ways. Sometimes you will receive a trophy and sometimes the reward is inside your heart, though many may not see it. I have received many trophies in my life time, some visible but many not. I know that the day I die, it will be a blessed moment because I know I have served mankind. And when I am gone, many will still be blessed by what I leave behind.

Paul Eugene

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