About Me

Hi my name is Paul Eugene and I have been living my life mission since 1989 which is inspiring the world in spirit, soul and body.  This was born out of my passion for music and dance.  But also a desire in my heart to teach and help people.  I did not chase after teaching fitness, it gave running after me.

​I have taught hilo aerobics, step aerobics, Latin dance, Cycling, Zumba, Strength training and more.  But little did I know I would end up producing and hosting my own fitness cable TV show, which has been running locally since 2004 and on YouTube since 2007.  So the world found me.

 I have had to battle several physical issues in the past 5 years; Prostate Cancer, Back Injury and Spinal Cord Injury.  Well I have made it through all them, now being 5 years cancer free, my arm was just about lost due to spinal cord injury and my back still has some discomfort but not enough to make me lie down and quit.

 Now 61 I ponder what is next on my table in this life.  I must say that God has been good to me and I await his next gift.  I know i want to do inspirational writing and speaking.   I am grateful the countless number of people I have influence all over the world, above and beyond my wildest dreams.  I hope that I have inspire some of you to do what you are passionate about, so that you can touch the world too.

 Thanks everyone for your support.

 Paul Eugene, Born To Inspire The World In Body, Soul & Spirit.