Paul Eugene TV

Paul Eugene Producer and Host

I have been producing shows on PCTV21 and PCTV47 since 2003.  I was encourage to do so by a Producer / Singer  from Los Angeles by the name of Coco Street.  She felt it would be a good fit for me.  And boy has it.  I have always seen myself on Television as a little boy growing up.   People use to call me a dreamer and that it would never happen.   My passion is dance and music and my favorite TV show in my teens was “Soul Train”.  I felt I belong there.   I never missed a show on Saturday mornings and spent hours dancing in my room.  I just believed I would dance on that show one day.  When I heard the news that there was going to be a Soul Train Dance contest in my home town I just knew this was for me.  The winning couple would be flow to Los Angeles to dance on the show.  You guessed it, me and my dance partner won the contest and we were flow to Los Angeles and dance on the show.  I met Don Cornelius and my favorite Soul Train Gang dancers.  Dreams do come true!  I had another dream to dance for James Brown.  While attending Morris Brown College in Atlanta my roommate was friends with one of James Brown dancers and I got the opportunity to dance on a TV show James Brown hosted called “Future Shock”.  Dreams and ambitions do come true!

So that eventually led to me producing and hosting my own TV show.  I am blessed by the millions around the world who have watched my show and have been inspired to fitness in their body, soul and spirit.  I have no idea what God has me next, but I know it is good.

Paul Eugene