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Strength Training

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Gospel Strength Training is a exercise workout to help strengthen your bones and built lean muscle that will help you burn fat, burn calories and help you loose weight. What you will need for this workout is a set of lite hand weights between 3 and 10 pounds at the most, you can use a can vegetables or your natural body strength as resistance. The workout out music in this workout is done to Gospel Exercise Music with today’s sound of Gospel Music provided by Cardio Mixes. So Let’s get started and workout in spirit, soul and body.

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7 Chair Exercises

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Question? Are dealing with diabetes? arthritis? Have limited mobility? There are 7 seated chair exercises that can help you get healthy and fit in spite of your situation.  To be healthy means to have the quality of fitness that you do can the everyday normal things in life. It does not mean that you will have a 6 pak abs, slim or bugling muscles, that’s a false advertising. For if it was true, then most Americans should be walking down the street like that. Bu you and I know that is not what we see.

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