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Life Events – Limited Mobility

What do you do when you a life event comes into your life and you realize you will never be able to do some of the things you were most passionate about?  You can become sad, bitter and give up on life, or you can find out a way to make life work in your new found circumstance.   A few years ago I found myself in that kind of situation.  I had four life events that alter my exercise life style.

Life Event 1

I injured my ankle during a step aerobics class.  I was not able to put pressure on it and I panic at first because I was suppose to be a local TV station in 2 days to shoot a hi lo aerobics workout. I said to myself what should I do?  The though came to my mind to do the workout from a chair.  But with a different twist.  I saw chair workouts before but the were way to slow for me and something you would find at a nursing home.  So I created Chair Fitness Workouts for people who need to sit, exercise and get fit but not a snail pace but at regular exercise intensity.  I included jumping jacks, power marches and more, just like I did when I taught Hi Lo aerobics only while being seated.  It became a hit all over the world. People with limited mobility were so happy to see someone doing chair workouts with intensity that challenge them, made them sweat and they felt like they were exercising.  Even though I recovered from my ankle injury and return to standing up exercises, I continued to make chair fitness workouts, to serve those who needed them.

Here is a preview of that Chair Aerobics Exercise Video

you can get the full the full version, the title is Chair Aerobics 1 on Amazon Prime.

Life Event 2

Back in 2012 I was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer.  It was the life event that you with cancer that no ones likes to deal with.  I ponder how I could come down with cancer?  I was in good health and have taught people to exercise and get fit since 1989.  But I ponder where did this come from?  The good thing was that it was in the early stages and had not spread to the rest of my body.  I opt for surgery to remove the prostate to eliminate the chances of it coming back.  But that surgery took a great deal of strength out of me.  I had to learn to walk again with confidence that I would not fall, regain control of all facilities and could not really exercise for a few months.  but once I was able to walk with out the fear of falling I also begin to do my chair workouts again.  I was determined that I would be able to do them and more.  6 months after the surgery I was back to my normal exercise routine, but still kept doing the chair workouts.  I fell in love with them.

Cardio Chair Box Preview

You can get the full version on Amazon Prime.

Life Event 3

I was on the verge of becoming a nurse when I injured my back due to excessive weight lifting of patience.  Well that cancel that!  This life event had a much broader affect on my life.  It place a new limit on my exercise ability.  I had a passion for running, dance and anything that called for high energy and explosive!  But the back injury gave me a permanent limited mobility.  I cannot go running anymore, I can dance but with a low intensity, I can do jumping jacks for short duration, but squatting deep, hurts my back.  I can swim and walk with no issues.  So when I feel the urge to do a high intensity work I sit in a chair and do it!  I am so happy I can still move at a high intensity.

Turbo Chair Preview

you can get the full the full version, the title is Chair Fitness Turbo on Amazon Prime.
Life Event 4

The third life changing event was the injure to my spinal cord.  I injury it by carrying a heavy object on my shoulder.  The nerves got compressed and my right arm locked up.  I had spinal cord surgery and they were able to restore full use of my arm.  But the strength that was there is not the same.  But I was still determined to exercise, so again I returned to the chair.  I would never thought that in my life time that I would be using a chair to exercise in?  It is not all bad, I have found that I have tapped into a new audience of people with limited disabilities who use my workouts and I am happy to serve to them.

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