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Destiny or Marriage?

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This question was on my mind today.  Would I rather be using my talents, gifts and abilities to the max or pursue a relationship or marriage as my top priority?  I spend some time thinking about marriage and would it be all that bad not to have experience it in my life time?  This came to my mind as I watched a movie where a guy was rejected by the woman he just knew was the one.  He responded by taking his energies and put full focus on his life mission.  He went on had done great things for humanity with his talents and abilities.  He choose what became to see as the better choice.

If he had gotten married when he wanted to, the world would not have benefited from his gifts and talents.   That is something to think about.


I am a firm believer that we are born with a mission to do.  I love to teach and when I am spending a lot time in a non teaching function I am bored and out of purpose.   was like that man at one time, willing to let my mission go for the sake of a relationship.  I am do glad that I did not!  Many people make the mistake of marriage being their sole mission at the expense of using their time, energy and talents to serve the world.  I believe that’s why there is so much divorce, because people realize that putting the marriage first above your mission or call in life leads to a big disappointment and devastation.

Just perhaps the disappointment or devastation was a wake up call for you to get your priorities straight.  I often wonder why some people who been this never got married again, but went on and lived very successful lives with there talents and gifts.  So make your mission your number one aim, and relationship or marriage 2nd, that is if the other person is aiming for their mission too.

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