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Isolated Tree

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What comes to your mind when you see an isolated tree?  You may ponder why is it out here all by itself?  You see that it has branches and has grown and still growing.  Hmm Think about it.

The tree though isolated and all by itself yet it grows.  The seed it started from growth is not determine by other trees by it.  Think about the times in your life when you were isolated? Alone?

Did that stop you from growing?  The seed that you are was not hamper by it’s environment it just keep on growing.  Providing shade at times, fruit to eat, colorful leaves, a barrier against a strong wind, a home to birds, squirrels and other animals.

Do you see yourself like that isolated tree?  You have times of isolation not to harm you but for you to utilize that time to grow and expand your spirit, soul and body.  Did you realize that in your lifetime you will have many bodies?  What I mean your body goes through changes, just as life does.

You The Tree

Sometimes you are the shade, the branches, the fruit, barrier and colorful leaves in other peoples lives.  Most people will not tell you that, because they don;t realize it their selves.  So the next time you are alone.  Remember you are for a reason, the reason to be of help to another human being someday.  There is a quote form the bible, that says if you receive any comfort in your time of stress it’s not just for you, but at some point you will be a comfort to others.

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