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Morning in the city

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Morning in the city can be interesting depending on what city you are in.  I recall the days when I lived in New York City, the morning started out quiet and slow in my Brooklyn neighborhood, but little you saw more and more people and heard lots of noise. But what was it all about?  I can remember in the 70’s it was called the rat race.   People going from point A to point B to make a few bucks to make a living.  I ponder in between the rush to get work, school, etc did anyone every stop for a few moments and quiet down?

Maybe you live you smallberry, USA, a town in the south or Midwest.  There appears to be no rush to get anywhere, but you do have things to do and places to go.  So whether you live in a big Urban city or small town USA, what does a day really mean to you?  At the end of day what matters to you?

At the end of the day for most of us we are thankful that we a roof over our head, food to eat and a family to come home to.  But what about the people who at the end of their day, do not have roof over their heads, or food to eat or no family to go home to?  Is survival the name of the game? Are we living just to survive day to day?

The seconds in time keep on clicking, the taxis blow their horns, people dash across the street, the police sire roars, the noise has become so common just like the air, that no one even stops for a breathe of fresh air.

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