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When you can’t stand up, You can sit exercise and get fit!  That is what Chair Aerobics is all about.  This workout was created by me to inspire those with limited mobility that they can exercise and do so in a fun way.  All too often we see exercise videos for those with limited mobility very slow, with lack of energy and the instructor just going through the motions as if the they are teaching 5 years old.  Not so with Paul Eugene.

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Benefits of Chair Aerobics

When I got injured back in 2007 and could not stand and exercise I sat in a chair made up my own workout with fun, safe, moving exercise moves that I would do if I was standing up, of course modify.  I am glad I did and many people have been benefited by it.

Some of the benefits you can get from being seated in a chair are enhance your cardiovascular system, reduced stress on your joints and bones, reduce the risk of heart disease, use chair exercise workouts as a temporary way to exercise while you are recovering from an injury or illness until you can get back on your feet.  Seated chair exercise are good for baby boomers, seniors and anyone else who needs to sit exercise and get fit.

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