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Dancing My Way To Fitness

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Dancing is a fun way to exercise your body soul and spirit to fitness.   I have been teaching dance fitness since 1989 but back then it was know as Aerobic Dance, Jazz exercise, Funk Aerobics, Hi Lo Aerobics, Hip Hop then Zumba.  But I prefer the former formats then the last one.  I have been through some physical challenges in the past 6 years, cancer, back injury, spinal cord surgery but they have not been able to steal my passion and joy for dancing as one of ways I stay fit.

Benefits of Dance Fitness

Some of the benefits you can get from dancing:  enhance your cardiovascular system, weight loss, reduce the risk of heart disease, freedom of expression, clear up your mind, mental as well as physical challenge.  You don;t have to get all the moves to see results you can always modify to your level and no one cares a dam.  That is one moment you are doing only what you can do for yourself.  It’s an in creditable  love affair with your self and with the only body you will have on earth.  So watch the video, or crank up the music and get dancing your way to fitness.

Paul Eugene

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