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God Will Provide

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Sometimes in life there is a call for a change but we don’t always know how it a good change could possibility happen.  We look at our circumstances and make a determination that nothing good could possibility happen.  But then there is God.  The bible states that Our thoughts and God thoughts are not always in agreement.  We make be thinking too low or too high of ourselves.

Word Of God

I have found the word of God to be of great significance in my life.  I have found that God’s giving is way above my thinking.  I can see myself only able to give so much but God will always out give me.  So as I reflect on these words “God Will Provide”  that is the heart of God saying that I got you covered.  You don;t see all the things I have waiting for you, but trust me, I am your provider.

Recall A Time Provided 

About a year ago I had a dream that I was going south to Florida to teach and also to other parts of the world.  I had no idea how I was going to do that, but God did.  And within a week I received a message to be flown to Florida for a week to teach fitness to a group of people with disability.  They paid for everything!  I mean everything.  I did not have to spend 1 penny! God gave me the dream and then he provided. Is there something God has put in your heart that you are pondering when or how it will get done?  My friend, God will provide.

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