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Strength Training

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Gospel Strength Training is a exercise workout to help strengthen your bones and built lean muscle that will help you burn fat, burn calories and help you loose weight. What you will need for this workout is a set of lite hand weights between 3 and 10 pounds at the most, you can use a can vegetables or your natural body strength as resistance. The workout out music in this workout is done to Gospel Exercise Music with today’s sound of Gospel Music provided by Cardio Mixes. So Let’s get started and workout in spirit, soul and body.

Benefits of Strength Training

Offers a continuum of benefits such as enhanced muscle tone, increased muscle strength, prevention of muscle and joint injury and also minimize the risk of osteoporosis with better flexibility as well as flamboyant balance and decreased risk of cardiovascular diseases. Above all, strength training has been established to be very effective in increasing endurance.

Strength Training Plan 

There must be concrete plan to achieve success so a solid plan should be honestly implemented to get the desired results. The program should be split so that the body gets proper rest. It will be a great idea to divide the week in three parts and make three Strength Training programs according to which parts of the body you want to target.  For example, do exercises for the chest, shoulder and back on one day and Biceps and triceps another day and legs on a different day.  This type of program gives a proper rest, your body regains the strength to workout more with complete energy.  You should always begin each workout with a warm up of about 10 minutes, that can be walking on a tread mill, jumping jacks, lunges and squats in place.  One more thing, which is very much important before weight lifting, is to stretch your muscles, that’s in the workout routine and stretch out afterwards too.


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