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God In Control

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You have heard the verse that God will never let us go through more than we can bare.  But most of us look at the and frown.  I think we frown because we look at the stuff that we are made of and not of God power and ability to sustain us no matter what trial, tribulation or testing we experience.  It’s when we don’t see favorable change or outcome we ponder or where oh God are you at?

I can recall a few years ago going through Prostate Cancer Surgery and one night there was a equipment malfunction which through me into the deepest pain I have ever experience.  It was so painful that I forgot that I was in the hospital and actually asked someone to all 911!  At that point I said to myself and God, well you are not taking the pain away but I believe that you are with me.

That was one of those you would not let me to through more than I can bare.  The older I get I see the word perseverance as the key to the Christian walk of faith.  I cry at the fake faith that is preach in many churches today.  People expect positive natural outcomes in everything.  But when it doesn’t they crash and lose heart and faith in God.  You see they were set up to fail by the faith that was of their own making and not that of God.  The faith of God says I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.  The key word is “ALL”.  That means the good things and the bad.

Failing Faith

We don’t always past all the test!  The bible is full of people who did not past the test, but after their failure God restore them and used them mightily.  No one has figure God out, and when I here someone say it is the will of God to heal all the time, I cringe!

Falling Away

I believe many people fall and are falling away from the faith because serious bad teachings, some of those are word of faith, health, wealth and prosperity and some dogmatic heavy doctrine teaching which are noting but mind of men.  Trials and tribulation are indeed the trying of our faith.  It’s these moments that show us what we are made of or better yet where are faith is rooted in.  God’s thoughts are not are thoughts, nor his ways our ways.  Blessed be the name of the Lord.  His hand is always there to catch us.

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