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Launch Out

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There are times in life where we have to launch out into the unknown to advance to the next level in life.  We need to try something that we have not before.  Think about this way, we had to learn to crawl, sit up, walk and then run.  Do you remember those stages in life?

So in some sense we have to become like Peter in the bible when Jesus commanded him to walk on the water he did.  He had the faith to step out of his comfort zone into a new reality, but when his when gave attention to negative feelings he began to sink.  Sometimes we are like that, we decide to launch out but a negative thought chewed on can cause us to turn stop and sink.

Be Transform By The Renewing of Your Mind

We have to get rid of those false evidence that appears real in our feelings and thoughts by concentrating on what is true.  See our enemies would not fight us if they where not threaten by our presence. You will have to chew and think on that one.  Keep Reading

Morning in the city

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Morning in the city can be interesting depending on what city you are in.  I recall the days when I lived in New York City, the morning started out quiet and slow in my Brooklyn neighborhood, but little you saw more and more people and heard lots of noise. But what was it all about?  I can remember in the 70’s it was called the rat race.   People going from point A to point B to make a few bucks to make a living.  I ponder in between the rush to get work, school, etc did anyone every stop for a few moments and quiet down?

Maybe you live you smallberry, USA, a town in the south or Midwest.  There appears to be no rush to get anywhere, but you do have things to do and places to go.  So whether you live in a big Urban city or small town USA, what does a day really mean to you?  At the end of day what matters to you?

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