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Bibilical Fasting

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The other day I got on the scale and say my weight at 224 lbs.  I scream!  I told myself I got to do something about it.  As I sat in the sauna at the gym 4 words came to my mind, Fast, Read, Pray and Exercise.  I saw the plan right before my eyes to get my self back onto a healthy level again.

When I got home I read the account of Jesus fasting, which he did before he launch out to his public ministry.  As I read the account, I could see that there would be challenges along the way.  My body will be screaming for sure, but other things will also come at me, like people tempting me with things that will get in my way, and then the devil himself.  As I read the account I notice that there was so much activity going on in the spiritual realm.  There was the Holy Spirit, Satan and Angels!  So there is more going on then we can see with our naked eye.

I ask myself does God want me to do a 40 day fast or perhaps a 21 day fast like Daniel did in the old testament?  The answer is neither!  God wants me to make fasting a lifestyle!  To fast regularly.  I begin to see God plan unfold as I was doing research online regarding fasting and I kept coming across Intermittent Fasting.   That is a fast where you have set times and days when you fast.  You intentionally choose not to eat at certain times and to consume water only.  Also at the times you do eat you do so healthy.  Plus you must include your exercise program in it.  Time for the reading the word of God and Prayer.

I could see my plan clearly.  I am a AM man.  I get to the gym between 5:30 and 5:45 AM to workout.  I usual do 30 minutes of cardio and then 10 minutes in sauna where I usually mediate or pray.  Then off to work!  I will not eat until lunch time which is at 1 PM and have my dinner before 8 PM.  That is my intermittent fasting.  I will at some point kick in 1 day day a week a 24 hour fast.

What results to I expect to achieve from this?  A healthier lifestyle.  For one by skipping breakfast, which is where I really eat bad, I opt to eat a healthy veggie lunch!  It also gives me the incentive to walk pass the fast food restaurants on my home and stock my kitchen with healthy foods.  I know from the past when I stop eating fast food, my taste buds do not like it when every I try it again after being away from it. So goodbye my fast food friends, I wont’t miss you!

I also expect to be stronger spiritually because of my intentional purpose to read, study and mediate on the word of God.  Whoo hoo I am on a roll!

Question? Is fasting a part of your lifestyle?  Do you think it will benefit you?

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Work Out Your Salvation

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“Work Out Your Salvation With Fear and Trembling”,  you have probably heard this bible verse countless times but what does it really mean to you?  Perhaps you are like millions who believed that once they accepted Jesus as their savior and lord that was it.  But not so, we got to live this salvation out moment by moment.  As I reflect on it I think of the book “The Road Less Traveled” from many years ago.  Each of us has to walk that out alone with God.  No instant snap by God and we will somehow become perfect, the truth is we will never become perfect in this life. So when you think you just have one big think to conquer there are other ones waiting in the wings.

The next verse that follows Work out your salvation with fear and trembling is: “For It Is God Who Works In You To Will In You To Act On Behalf Of His Good Pleasure”.  It’s really not about us but God and he works at his own discretion, timing and way.  In today’s brand of Christianity we kinda try to buy from God the things we want.  How many times have you been beat over the head regarding tithes?  Or told you you sow a certain amount of money God will give you this or that?  It painted as the path to least resistance or working out your salvation with fear and trembling.

You have to be careful of support groups where you pour out your laundry, are the helping you and actually causing you to stay in mess?  Just went to you know when you have reached the point of getting past your mess?  Who or what determines it?

There is no program, no healing ministry that can work out your salvation with fear and trembling, only God in you, as you listen and obey him.

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Heaven Bound

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Are you heaven bound?  If so why are you hanging onto your anger?  Listen today’s podcast, be strengthen, be encourage in the Lord and let it go.  Always come back and listen to more podcast to encourage us who are in the Lord and heaven bound.

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