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God Will Provide

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Sometimes in life there is a call for a change but we don’t always know how it a good change could possibility happen.  We look at our circumstances and make a determination that nothing good could possibility happen.  But then there is God.  The bible states that Our thoughts and God thoughts are not always in agreement.  We make be thinking too low or too high of ourselves.

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Destiny or Marriage?

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This question was on my mind today.  Would I rather be using my talents, gifts and abilities to the max or pursue a relationship or marriage as my top priority?  I spend some time thinking about marriage and would it be all that bad not to have experience it in my life time?  This came to my mind as I watched a movie where a guy was rejected by the woman he just knew was the one.  He responded by taking his energies and put full focus on his life mission.  He went on had done great things for humanity with his talents and abilities.  He choose what became to see as the better choice.

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