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On the Newspaper

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When was the last time you  read a news paper?  I am not talking about the digital version, but one that you hold in your hand and read?  There had been a study that it was more healthful to read a newspaper than to have your eyes stuck on monitor screen.

Reading is a source of great strength

One thing I notice is that when reading from a computer screen there are things like, videos playing, ads popping up that distract or break your attention.  Perhaps this is the reason why so many people have such short attention spans!  Even in the world of fitness, group exercise classes have become shorter in duration than years ago.  People just don’t have the endurance or perseverance like they use to.  Getting back to the newspaper, there is nothing more memorable than reading the news the old fashion way.  It has such a good psychological effect to my brain.  That is one good experience I will take to the grave with me.  So when are you going to pick up a newspaper and read one?

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