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Step Aerobics

Step Aerobics Made Easy

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Remember back in the day when you use to do step aerobics?  It time to Jump Start your step aerobics again.  I can remember those days where I had soo much fun teaching as well as taking another instructor class.  Now here is opportunity to get back into it.   The moves are easy to follow and the pace is at such a level that you won;t have to worry about trying to catch your breathe. Give It A Try!

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Gospel Step Aerobics

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Gospel Step Aerobics is where you step praise and workout in Spirit, Soul and Body.   This is easy going step workout, no fancy moves just praising the Lord while you step to beat of today’s gospel music. Get your step out and let’s get moving. You will burn fat, calories which will help you lose weight and of course you will have so much fun that you will that you are exercising.

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