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15 Benefits of Walking Your Way To Health!

Walking is one of the best exercises you can do, and it has many benefits. Here are a few to get you inspired and motivated. . .

* Easy on your joints – Walking is low impact on hips, knees, and ankles which means that your joints won’t be jarred or harmed as they might be by jogging or running.

* Good exercise for your heart and lungs – You get a good workout without sending your heart rate too high or exerting yourself too much.

* Reduces risk of heart disease, stroke, hypertension, and some cancers – Sedentary people are susceptible to many diseases, and walking helps to lower the chances of these serious ailments.

* Benefits your entire body – If you swing your arms as you walk, your entire body gets a workout, unlike other exercise plans.

* Diabetes prevention – Walking just a couple of hours a week cuts your risk of developing diabetes.

* Helps you lose weight – Walking burns calories, which helps you keep your weight under control.

* Relieves stress – Walking releases endorphins, which help you feel more alive and happier.

* Easy to scale up or down – You can easily control the intensity of your walking routine. To increase the challenge, walk faster or uphill. To take it easy, slow down or walk on a level or downward-sloping surface.

* Simple to track progress – Wear a pedometer, or drive your route and check your tripometer to see how far you walk. If you wear a pedometer, aim for 10,000 steps daily.

* It’s safe – You won’t be working on heavy machines or jumping up and down. Walking is one of the safest exercise activities you can do.

* Easy to do – Everyone can walk at their own pace. As you progress, you can add time or distance to your workout.

* Little preparation – Put on your walking shoes and go!

* You can do it anywhere at any time – From the top of a mountain or around your living room, you can walk anytime, anywhere. It’s your choice.

* Gives you self-confidence – As you increase your stamina, you’ll feel better and enjoy walking. This gives you the confidence you need to continue walking or to try other activities.

* Is a social activity – If you’re walking with others, you have social interaction and can build new friendships or cement old ones.

When you walk, you benefit everything from brain to toe. It’s a highly effective and beneficial activity, especially if you’ve been sedentary. Walk and live!


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