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10000 Steps Is It Necessary?

by pauleugene
Paul Eugene

You have heard people who stress they must get their 10,000 steps in daily or they feel that missed a mark or failed their health.  But if you do your research 10,000 steps a day is not needed to be healthy.  I have heard a report stating that the 10,000 steps was a nothing more than a marketing campaign by the companies who make those tracking devices to induce you to buy one.  And guess what it worked!  Millions of people rely on them.  My understanding is that there is no scientific report to back up the necessity of 10,000 steps needed daily.  But on the other hand at least it keeps people active.  But most health care professional says that 7,000 steps a day is more reasonable.  But even then don’t beat yourself up if don’t make that many in a day.  The main thing is keep active, keep moving.

I personally never got caught in the 10,000 steps a day because I have always been active!  I use to run at least a 10K or 5K before work in the morning.  Teach a couple of dance and fitness classes through the day, so I never consider the 10,000 step thing.  I knew I was healthy and fit without a fitbit or any other device.  Your body speaks to you and let’s you know when you have done enough.

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