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5 Reasons Why I Meditate

by pauleugene
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5 Reasons Why I Meditate

Meditating has become increasingly popular in recent years and for good reason! This relaxing practice helps you to get in touch with your inner self and find your focus to help you develop a sense of balance in your life.

Read on to see the key reasons why I do meditation.

1) It helps to calm me down.
I am a high energy person and sometimes it get’s the best of me.  I found that when I choose to sit, be still and meditate I began to calm down.  Meditation forces you to quiet your mind, forget your stress, and truly be present in the moment. This helps to encourage me to calm down.

The less I focus on what’s going to happen in the future, what happened in the past, and be still the calmer I feel.

Meditation has been used for centuries to reduce stress and stimulate relaxation. It works so well as a relaxer that it has even been known to slow heart rates.

2) It helps improve and encourage self-reflection and awareness
Being self-aware is a crucial quality to success, humility, and being an overall good person. Meditation encourages me to reflect on the presence of God with me.  Its encourages me to reflect on my actions and yourself as a person in a non judgement way.

This act helps to improve your self-awareness, which is not always easy to do in such attention getting world.  Self-awareness allows me to correct any errors I have made or fix character flaws I may have.  It helps me to embrace unconditional love toward myself and to others around me.

3) Meditation helps improve my focus
Meditation helps me to improve my focus, think clearer and release my creativity in a more productive, graceful and respectful way serve others and making this world a better place for me and others.

4) It helps me find your balance
The more I meditate, the better balance I achieve in my life. This time dedicated to self-reflection allows me to reach a level of understanding and awareness that helps me to grow and mature into a better graceful and understanding person.

This balance helps me to be a better person because it enables me to be more aware of a problem or flaw in my character that you need to address with out judgement.  Meditation helps me reach a balance of self-awareness, self-respect, humility, confidence, and peace/relaxation.

5) It helps me be mindful of those around you
Because meditation helps me improve my self-awareness and observant.  Because I have a clear mind,  I am more aware of those around me and their feelings. I notice when people around me feel uncomfortable or are in pain.

I have become better at reading the general mood and energy of the room.  It’s helps me to be able to adjust myself to match that energy and better accommodate those around you.

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