6 Muscle Building Mistakes

Bodybuilding is a field that’s often flooded with a lot of conflicting advice and very often, the advice that’s given is just plain wrong. Let’s look at 6 of the most common muscle-building myths.

Myth #1 – Eat More If You Want to Build Muscle

One common myth is that if you’re skinny and want to gain muscle, you need to consume thousands of extra calories. Unfortunately, this is more likely to get you fat than get you built. Experts recommend 3,000 calories a day, with 300 grams of carbs, 225 grams of protein and 100 grams of fat.

The key is to eat quality calories from nutrient dense foods to feed your muscle for optimal growth along nutrient-dense carbs at workout times for optimal energy and performance.

Myth #2 – You MUST Train Until Failure

The body’s primary function in life is to survive and so it will adapt only to the point where it can still defend itself to whatever element it is exposed. When you are lifting weights your body will adapt to the intensity you expose it to, even when utilizing recovery resources.

Myth #3 – Do Cardio Before Weight Training 

Wrong! Cardio will actually reduce your glycogen levels that can diminish strength training performances. When you weight train first, you increase levels of cortisol and testosterone that benefit your workout, and you will not run out of steam while lifting.

Myth #4 – Static Stretching Is A Must Before Workouts

Recent studies have proven that static stretching before exercise can inhibit power and performance. Save the static stretching for after your workout, and use dynamic stretching as a pre-workout warm up.

Myth #5 – Low Reps Are For Size & High Reps Are To Get Cut

Muscles are either growing, shrinking or staying the same. For growth, you need to lift and progress by outperforming yourself as your grow in subsequent workouts, but sorry there are no specific exercise to create muscle cuts.

To get the cut and ripped looked requires body fat levels in the single digits that allows your muscles to show through for that chiseled visual effect.

Myth #6 – The Path to Losing Body Fat is Not Eating Fat

Many people who decide to start building muscles believe that they need to cut all fats out of their diet. Unfortunately, this is actually harmful rather than helpful.

Your body needs fats in order to operate properly. Yes, you should definitely get rid of trans fats, but you need healthy monosaturated and polyunsaturated fats, along with fatty acids for the body to function properly and for heart health.

Avocadoes, nuts, and olive oil are just some examples of the good fats that can actually help you lose more body fat.

Now that you know at least some of the facts, GO LIFT!

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Ashley July 30, 2020 at 7:44 pm

Hello Paul,

I’ve been using your low impact workouts on Amazon to build back my physical wellbeing after a car accident last year. Looking back on that time and the months and months of chiropractic and physical therapy appointments, I know I had been very discouraged. As I continue to heal in mind, body, and spirit your workouts have given me something to feel good about, to look forward to and to help me to make gradual progress that is so uplifting to me. Before I found your videos I tried several others. They were ok, but yours are special. There is just a positive feeling that comes over me when I see your big smile and you ask your audience, ‘How did you do?’ I would be willing to bet that you are a person who would truly care about the answer to that question, too. I wanted to tell you that your workout videos have been so inspiring in my life at a time I have needed it most. I’ll bet you can’t possibly know all the ways you have reached people who come across your workout videos, and that’s why I’m writing to say so.

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eugenepaul August 11, 2020 at 12:03 am

Good Day!

Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts. I am grateful to part of your fitness journey. I trust that you are continuing exercising and will see results in due time. God Bless, be safe, be healthy be well.
Paul Eugene


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