Fit Tip

Push Up Fun

When was the last time you did a push up? 

I must admit I do not care to do them, but when I do it’s because I want to get stronger.  What are the benefits of doing push-ups?  It will help you get stronger, tighten your muscles, built definition.  

Can push ups help you lose weight?

 Yes and No.  By doing push up you can built lean muscle which helps with burning fat, but still must eat healthy, do some cardio exercise and sleep well.  You don’t have to do push ups everyday, but every other day can do the job as well.  

How many push ups to do?
I say do as many as you can until you can’t any more.  

Types of push ups: 

Military – get down on the floor with you legs straight out and raise you body up with you arms while on your toes.  

Modify Military – Instead of your legs straight out be on your knees and push up with arms.  

Wall:  Stand about hip width apart, lean toward the wall and push off the wall with your hands and lower back to the wall.

Chair Push Ups: The same concept as wall push up but lean onto the back of sturdy chair and push away with arms.

Those are just a few to name.