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My life mission is to inspire the world to fitness in spirit, soul and body.  I have been teaching people to exercise for fun and fitness since 1989.  I have been producing and hosting my own exercise show on cable since 2003.  Now at 62 I am still enjoying my mission.  It has truly been a ride and experience to have influence millions of lives all over the world.  A legacy I am grateful to leave behind.

Paul Eugene

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  1. You have on youtube a chair fitness with a Christmas backdrop. Is there a DVD of this to purchase?

    1. Hello, sorry I have not responded to you until now. I can send it to you free on DVD. Let me know and provide a address to mail it to.

  2. What would you suggest for a 67 yo female who is totally out of shape. I retired last Nov and haven’t exercised much other than riding a recumbent bike. I’m also over weight and am trying desperately to get healthy. I have a pacemaker for a rhythm issue but no heart disease. And, I am a follower of Jesus Christ.

    1. Hello:

      I am sorry for just now getting back to you. My first advice is to ask your doctor what type of exercises he recommends for you. You can tell him about the chair or any other exercises I have. That is where I would start first.

  3. I really would like to download some of your exercise DVD s but Amazon prime won’t allow this because I’m from Australia. And I can’t download from your site nor access my previous account and purchases. Please help.

    1. Hello:

      I am sorry about the delay in getting back to you. Tell me exactly what videos you are want to download. Please email me back at paul@pauleugene.com

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