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Cardio Chair is a seated chair exercise workout where you sit, exercise and get fit.  This workout was designed for those with limited mobility, baby boomers, seniors and those who are recovering from an injury and need to exercise while not standing on there feet.  The pace in this workout is faster than most chair workouts and the reason their are many people who would like to work at a faster pace while seated to burn more fat, calories and help manage their weight.

The moves in this exercise workout are easy to follow and basis to moderate cardio moves you would do in standard cardio or aerobics class.  They are safe and effective to you be healthy and fit.  This a fully seated exercise workout, which means no standing at all.  You will have so much fun and motivated that you will forget that you are exercising.

There are many benefits from seated exercising and some of them are:

  • Reduce stress and pounding on your body.
  • Less injuries.
  • Cardio vascular conditioning.
  • Strengthen and balancing.
  • Your soul and spirit will be lifted up
  • Mobile – you can do it just about anywhere

All you need is a sturdy chair, prefer with out any arms so that you won’t bang your arms and your body.  Let’s go sit, exercise and get fit!


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