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Ballroom Dancing And Retirement

by pauleugene
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Ballroom Dancing: The Perfect Exercise For Retirement Years

As we age, our bodies lose strength and become inflexible. Whilst exercises like a seniors program for Pilates is of great value, a social exercise like Ballroom Dancing is also another great way to spend those retirement years and derive measurable benefits.

However, why is Ballroom Dancing such a great way to exercise when in our senior years? Read on to find out more.

The Myriad Benefits Of Ballroom Dancing

It’s well known that specific exercise programs like Pilates improve balance, core strength, muscle tone, and mobility, but there are other alternatives that provide useful low impact exercise as well as an important social aspect. Ballroom dancing is great for physical fitness but it is also a complex rhythmic activity and requires co-ordination to perform.

Studies show that such an activity also helps in cognitive functioning as it stimulates areas of the brain that can help to decrease the chance of a fall injury. One of the leading causes of age-related injury to people over the age of 65.

Consider the following benefits of Ballroom Dancing to the senior in this context:
• Dancing improves co-ordination and sensory awareness,
• Balance and co-ordination is improved,
• The range of body movement and mobility is improved, leading to less risk of a fall or other related injury.

The Vital Benefits Of Socializing

However, apart from the clear physical, sensory, and motor benefits of Ballroom dancing, there are also social benefits that can have a huge impact on the quality of life for seniors. Ballroom Dancing is an activity that is based upon social interaction.

For many seniors, being socially isolated can translate to:
• Loneliness, anxiety and depression,
• Increased blood pressure,
• Increased risk of premature death,
• Lack of exercise.

It is therefore important that seniors find a shared social activity that provides increased levels of physical fitness and also provides great social interaction. As well as combatting the risk of illnesses like depression, anxiety, and increased blood pressure, consider the additional following benefits of regular social interaction for seniors:
• Because dancing increases cognitive activity, it also reduces the risk of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease,
• Ballroom Dancing can also address osteoporosis and even increase bone density in areas like the hip,
• Engaging both the brain and the body promotes a general feeling of happiness and well-being.

It is important to reach out and socialize even if it is not through a program of Ballroom Dancing. Maintaining social ties as we age can promote our health and keep us connected to the people we love. Participating in things like volunteer work, community work, club-based interests, and classes all lead to greater levels of socialization.

The Many Benefits Of Exercise
Ballroom dancing is both a social and physical activity. It provides an alternative to exercise programs like Pilates for older people. If you’re still unconvinced of the many benefits of a

Ballroom Dancing program, consider the following list of potential benefits when both the physical and social aspects are combined:
• Regular exercise improves mood due to the release of endorphins and other mood related chemicals in our bodies. Exercising in a social setting with others provides connection and increases engagement, thus minimizing feelings of loneliness.
• Without even realizing it, senior practitioners of Ballroom Dancing are getting fit and healthy, improving their co-ordination, mobility, core strength, and circulation. And for many, it’s more enjoyable than simply going for a walk!
• Exercise has direct cognitive benefits, and improves the brain’s capacity to function well.
• Pilates certainly helps in rehabilitation, but a social activity like Ballroom Dancing can minimize the healing and recovery process.

Ballroom Dancing – A Great Alternative

Whilst regular exercise programs are of great benefit to seniors, exercises like Ballroom Dancing that also contain a social aspects provide a great alternative for the older person who enjoys something where they can also form connections and catch up on the latest news!

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