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by pauleugene
Christian Fitness

What is Christian Cardio?  Christian cardio is exercise done to Christan or Gospel music.  Does it work better for the body than secular music?  The answer is no.  The body does not determine if the music is religious or not.  However, the one benefit from working out to Christian music is that it causes one to focus on God, to worship God, while exercising their body which is the temple of God, the Holy Spirit.   The bible says that listening to word of God revies the soul and spirit.

As I teach this workout I am not speaking, but the word of God is spoken which revives your soul and edifies your spirit.  To sum it up, in this Christian Fitness workout you exercise the body soul and spirit.  Try it out.

Christian Fitness Low Impact Cardio Workout

Christian Cardio / No Verbal Cues / But With The Spoken Word.  Check It out.

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