Coronavirus – Church Essential?

The topic of debate is whether churches should be allowed to reopen or better yet is Essential to your health?

The Christian church is divided on this. Some fill the church is being discriminated against sense Walmart is allowed to be open. But I beg to difference, first of Walmart offers me the things I need to sustain my daily physical life. Human beings will die from the lack of water and food, but they will not die from the lack of not attending church. Have you every seen a birth certificate that state death cause as: Did not attend church?

I myself as a Christian will not risk my health by attending a church with lots of people. Neither will I return to the Gym any time soon for that matter. I find it so odd, that people have not been paying attention to the number of people who have went against the law went to church got COV-19, boasting that God will protect them and died! Is not the scripture true that judgement must start at the house of God. Why be in rebellion against the government that God placed over you for your good?

Non people of faith are looking at christian like they are nuts. Especially when they read or hear about the people who went and said God was going to protect them and died? Is this a good witness for God?

Then you have the president of United States stating it was essential for the churches to reopen for the because the US needs more Prayer! Hello is God so hard of hearing that he only listens when people at in a church? This nothing more than an political move to get votes for his re election. May God open your eyes! Plus it will also gives those churches that feed off people money to get their greedy hands on the cash again. I will say this is not true of all churches. I believe their are some truly honest christian leaders and churches with their heart in the right place. I do not think they would rush their people back into a place they are not ready for.

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LucyP June 16, 2020 at 5:05 pm

Hey Paul Eugene!! You are da bomb! When the current outbreak began, my college friends from 50 years ago started a FaceTime exercise group. We have used many of your workouts M-F since early March!! We have viewed some others, but never left you. Your upbeat, positive spirit starts me off each morning with a smile. Keep on keeping on!! May you continue to be blessed as you continue your exercise ministry! Good luck on your coming retirement!!

Patricia Miller June 25, 2020 at 10:57 am

Hi Paul. I am not a senior but please don’t hold it against me. Thank you for your fun videos. What are your post-retirement plans? When lockdown is over you must visit London, we’d love to see your workouts here! Bless you. Patricia

Valerie V. October 29, 2020 at 12:49 am

Mr. Eugene,

I enjoyed reading this article and Walking Today With God. I can identify with both.

To be honest, I have enjoyed visiting different church services on the internet during this virus lockdown. But mostly, my walk and faith with God has become stronger. I’m at a point to have my name taken off the church roll and enjoy the order of which God wants me and not bounded down to man denominational order but to visit churches either internet or in-person when it is safe.

I am 63 years old and have been retired since 2015 and walking with God and sharing is calming.

eugenepaul November 4, 2020 at 3:45 pm

Thank you for your comment. I fully understand where are at with your faith in God. Walking with God is my forth most important thing I do everyday. I refuse to go back to the man made denominational structure. COV-19 in a since is a blessing. It force millions of us to re think our faith and how dependence on a church system was broken. God Bless.


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