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Coronavirus & Health Clubs

Let’s face it the Coronavirus is here. How should it effect my use of Health Clubs and Gyms? I would say use common sense and wisdom.

If you are a member of a Health Club or Gym you know they are not germ free. Let’s face it not all people at the gym are neat. Some do not wipe down the equipment they just used. Some cough and sneeze openly. Some just drop sweaty clothes on the floor or bench and run off to the showers, need I say more.

In today’s climate you must use common sense and be wise. I had to really think about how I would continue to go to the gym. I told myself I would go at the least crowded times, to reduce my chances of picking up something. Use a paper towel to open and close lockers, to turn on the showers and opening and closing the doors when leaving the gym, cardio equipment, wear weight gloves to lift, Am I being over cautious?

The other alternative is to workout at home. I have some hand weights, resistance bands and cardio equipment as well. What would I miss? The few moments of social interactions with others who attend the gym. But at this time and period it is well worth it.

I must say I never thought I would every see a day in my life when my very existence is being challenge by a unknown incurable virus.

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