Couples Working Out Together

Couple Walking

Every morning I get up and go walking for a hour.  I usually see several couples always out exercising at the same time as I do.  The couples are both young and old.  I see that and I say to myself how awesome.  I don’t see any signs of distress on their faces, meaning, I don’t want to do this but he or she is making me do it.  I see harmony.  Could this be one of the keys to their successful relationship?

Commitment is the key to getting and sustaining anything to workout or reach it’s purpose.  As I observe couples workout together I can’t help but think of that desire of working toward the goal of the best health for each of them.

Two Is Better Than One

There is a saying that two is better than one in the holy scriptures.  However, that will only work if both are equally committed to their cause, in this situation their health.

For the happiest life, days should be rigorously planned, nights left open to chance.

Sometimes you may to be comprise by doing a workout that you don’t particular care about that your partner does like, but you have a choice to make, you can do it because you know the workout will be beneficial to your health as well as your relationship.

Couple Riding Bike
Couple Working Out Together

Team / Partner

Couples who are a Team / Partner have a greater chance of longevity in their relationship than those who don’t.

Some Things Couples Can Do To Strengthen Their Health and Relationship

  • Be mindful what is best for the both of them
  • Know the strengths and weaknesses of each other
  • Communicate

I am no relationship expert but this is my observation looking from a distance.

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