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Disco Dancing Get Fit!

by pauleugene
Disco Dancing
Disco Dancing 

Going out disco dancing was one of my favorite things I looked forward to each weekend.  My love for dancing was long before disco came on the scene, but the flashing lights, the music, the energy and the freedom of expression all captured me.

Disco dancing really became popular to the mass population when the movie Saturday Night Fever came out, but to those of us who frequent the local bars or clubs before that it was nothing new.  We just danced and had fun without all the flash.

But as I reflect back, I really did not pay any attention to the medical benefits I was giving myself when I went out dancing.  I didn’t think about how I was building strong muscles in my legs, releasing stress, clearing out my mind and enhancing my cardio vascular system.  But I was!  I have a saying that movement is medicine to the body, so my body got plenty of medicine.

I have not read or heard of any studies regarding the benefits of disco dancing, but do you really need a study?

Just about all the clubs from back then are closed but the memories remain.  The music remains and you can get up and boogie at home, no need to go to the club.

I recently did a disco dance video with bell bottoms, platform shoes and disco shirt.  You join in and dance with me below:

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