Don’t Let Your Weight Stop You

Don’t let your weight stop you from running the race of health & fitness. We have been smother with images of happy smiling thin people. As if not so thin people don’t have anything to smile about? But you do! You have been granted the precious gift of life. You are just as valuable as the thin person, in fact you may have a accurate sense of well being because it is based more you being a human being and not your weight.

Grant there are some issues that have to be taken into consideration and that is too much weight is not healthy, but you do not need to set a goal to extreme to become thin. The goal should to shoot for a healthy range. You may ask what is a healthy range? A healthy range is where you can do the everyday things in life with a struggle, without huffing and puffing to climb stairs, to take a leisure walk, lift yourself up out of a chair without a struggle. I believe when you can do these things you have obtained a healthy status for life.

We have been bombarded with images of 6 pack abs that makes us jealous to point some people believe they are not lovable until they have such. But there are many over wight people who experience deep genuine love.

I say this if your doctor says to you to lose some weight, I would listen to him or her and go for it. They are not saying that you have become razor thin or spat a 6 pack abs and bulging muscles but fit enough to do everyday things in life without a struggle.

I have never had a weight problem until after my cancer and spinal cord surgeries. They both slowed me down, and with that came the weight gain, but that did not stop me from continuing my mission of inspiring the world to exercise body soul and spirit. I am blessed that I am still mobile but not as much as I use to be. I am contend without a 6 pack abs. In fact that is not even a goal at this time in my life.

My advise if you are over weight is to first get your doctor approval on what exercise would be safe and effective for you and help you obtain a reasonable weight goal for you.

Some of the basis tools would be to: do at least 20 to 30 minutes of cardio exercise 3 days a week with 2 days of strength training with lite hand weights to start it off.

Don’t let the weight stop you from running your race.

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