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Exercising During the Holidays

by pauleugene
Holiday Workouts

Exercising During the Holidays

Why do people gain weight during the holidays?

There are many reasons that people might gain weight during the holidays. Here are some of the common ones.

1. First and foremost, people stop exercising between Thanksgiving and New Year’s.  It’s cold outside in some places in this world, so going for a jog doesn’t seem too appealing. Even heading to the gym might seem like more effort simply because you have to drive through the cold.

2. A lot of people get so busy shopping and buying things for the holidays and eat and eat more than normal.

3. Stress from over excitement of the holiday’s or let of excitement some people will often turn to carbs as a comfort food. Carbohydrates can help reduce stress and give a temporary sense of wellbeing (from serotonin release), but ultimately results in excess weight gain.

4. There is the excuse that the new year is coming so I’ll wait until after the holidays to get back onto exercising again. But just imagine if you could hear your body screaming back at you.  It is actually screaming but you not listening.

What Can You Do About It?

First, set an exercise plan in motion. It could be an entirely home-based exercise plan, or it could involve going outdoors. Try to predict any objections you might have in the future (it’s cold, the gym is far, etc.) and come up with solutions for them beforehand.

Start planning your meals. Instead of spontaneously eating whatever’s around, be deliberate about what you cook and what you eat. A lot of winter weight gain happens because what you spontaneously want to eat changes.

Finally, don’t overdo it on the holiday meals. The triple whammy of Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year can really wreak havoc on your waistline. Do enjoy your meal and eat till you’re full – but no more. Don’t stuff yourself just because it’s the holidays.

Holiday weight gain is a very real phenomenon. Fortunately, proper exercise and nutrition can still help you prevent weight gain – and possibly even lose some weight.

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