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Exercising with Paul Eugene

by pauleugene
Exercising with Paul Eugene

Exercising with Paul Eugene is an exercise produced and hosted by Paul Eugene since 2002.  The mission of the show is to inspire the world to exercise body soul and spirit.  The exercise workouts on the show gears toward an inclusive approach to provide physical fitness all body shapes, sizes, fitness mobility and fitness levels.   The show features both standing and sitting workouts, which includes cardio, dance, aerobics, boxing, chair fitness, step aerobics, trampoline, strength training, stretching, seated elliptical and meditations, something for just about everyone.

The show has won 4 Excellence in Media Awards in 2011, 2017, 2019 and 2021 from the Pittsburgh Media Community.

The Exercising with Paul Eugene can be seen every Friday at 10 Am EST on PCTV21 Comcast Cable and PCTV47 Verizon in Pittsburgh, PA, or on the web site of PCTV21 at those same times. https://www.pctv21.org

Other media outlets to watch the show:

  • Roku App – Paul Eugene Fitness
  • Amazon Fire TV – Paul Eugene Fitness
  • Amazon Prime Video – Rental or Purchase
  • You Tube – Paul Eugene Channel
  • Vimeo – Paul Eugene


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