Exercising with Limited Mobility

There are many people exercising with limited mobility for various reason. I myself have had to exercise with limited mobility due to falling and injuring my foot, cancer and spinal cord surgeries and a permanent back injury from lifting patients at a former job.

The degree of your limited mobility and your personal attitude regarding it will determine if you will have the will, emotion or energy to do so. When I had my first fall, I was determine that I was going to find some kind of way to exercise. I was in the midst of filming my popular fitness show on cable TV locally and I ponder just how was I going to continue the show. The idea came to my mind to sit and get fit. So I started taping my fitness show from a chair. I had no idea the huge amount of people it was going to touch and still does today. Even though I recovered from injury I still kept on making seated chair exercises for people who needed to sit exercise and get fit.

A few years later, I came down with cancer and had surgery and for a few months I was off my feet and doing my seated chair exercises. But it was not easy. The cancer surgery took all the energy out of me, and almost my will. I couldn’t move much, but I still gave it a try. Just a flicker of determination kept me going. But in time I was back on my feet.

Two years after that I injured my spinal cord and had another surgery. This surgery limited the use of my right arm. It would fatigue so fast. But with a flicker of determination I kept exercising and after about 6 months my arm was back to full range of motion, but it was not as strong as it use to be. But in spite of that limitation I kept going.

I cannot say i can feel or full understand everyone limited mobility but I do to a certain degree what they are going through. Thus I continue to produce seated chair exercise with joy for those with limited mobility.

Paul Eugene

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