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Senior Fitness

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Tips  Seniors Who Have Not Exercised In Years So your interest in exercise and fitness has been rekindled after many years on the sidelines. That’s great! However, things are unlikely to be just the same as you left them. Age comes with changes, which must be reflected in the way you work out, and eat. […]

Low Carb Diet: Keto

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A low carb diet is essentially, what it says – it is a diet that greatly reduces intake of carbohydrates. This is not as easy as it sounds.  Carbohydrates are found in foods such as sugary snacks, bread, pasta, starches, fruit, and many processed foods. Typically, the most strict low carb diets limit intake to 20 […]

Exercise Benefits

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The Benefits of Exercising There are many benefits from a regular exercise program that will have ongoing positive effects on the quality of your life.  It has been proven that regular exercise and the heightened levels of health that develops from this exercise can help to reduce the incidence of diseases such as diabetes, heart diseases, […]

4 Ways To Burn Calories

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  The truth of the matter is that everything we do, from walking up and down the stairs to house cleaning, burns calories. While we can think of many different ways to burn more calories, the fact remains that burning more calories than we consume is the key to weight loss. Most of us associate […]

Diabetes & Exercising!

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A low-impact workout is the safest, most beneficial type of cardio exercise for people with diabetes.  There are several low impact exercises one can do, such as walking, dancing, swimming which are not high impact and will not put undue stress on the body which triggers hormones to instruct our bodies to increase blood sugar […]

Stop! Fast Food!

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Reason for stop eating fast foods: #1 Fast Food Is Linked To Diabetes Diabetes is caused when the pancreas becomes so under siege that it can no longer produce adequate amounts of insulin. Insulin is the hormone that turns sugar into fuel, and as experts point out, junk food is loaded with unnatural sugars that […]