Real Life Effective Exercise Motivation Tips

Are you sitting on the coach in front of the TV most of the time? Or maybe you work at a desk all day without any movement except when you go to your car to drive home to sit in front of the TV?

This is a typical scenario for many people, and most of the time motivation is the main reason behind not exercising.  In fact, proper motivation is what drives humans to do anything in life.

So, do you need motivation? If you are not motivated to exercise or maybe have not realized the reasons why exercise is important and why you need to participate in regular exercise each and every week, here are a few considerations.

Good Health.

Fitness is good for heart health and can prevent heart attacks early in life.  Regular exercise helps to prevent diseases, high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol and many cancers.

It makes for strong bones.

It provides energy and vitality in everyday life.

It helps with mind concentration and focus and makes you more productive.

It makes your bones and muscles stronger.

It prevents obesity, which, is responsible for a wide array of health conditions and even risk of death.

And, it can allow you to live a longer, more vibrant and active life through your senior years.

Weight Management

Regular exercise is extremely important for weight management. If you are overweight it can help you lose weight much quicker than dieting alone.

Sometimes people mistakenly think that those women who have great bodies were born that way, and some were, but many work hard to stay fit and looking great.

Example For The Kids

Did you know that there is a widespread obesity problem in children the United States? If you have kids then nothing should be a better motivator for fitness than to set a good example for your kids and involve them in regular exercise too.

e to walk for 30 minutes around the neighborhood 4 times per week.

Don’t get overwhelmed by filling your mind with images of long hours of sweaty intense training sessions.

Exercise activities are so varied that there are many options where you can start small, and build up as you get more fit.

• So, grab the iPod and walk around the neighborhood.
• Bike at the park with your kids.
• Swim laps at the local pool.
• Bump your favorite CD and dance around your living room.
• Walk in place while watching your favorite TV program.

The possibilities are endless.

Set Short Term Goals

What sounds better, 20 minute walks 3 times a week or 1 hour of aerobics every other day?

Don’t think too far into future, or think too big. Start with something small and build up from there.

One Day At A Time

One day at a time is a great fitness motivator!

Just plan to move for today, then worry about tomorrow when it comes.

Just for today, I will move, period.

Then do it again tomorrow…

And the day after…

Before you know you will have a month of todays!