Dance Fitness Exercising!


Dance Fitness exercise is the fun way to burn fat, burn calories and lose weight.  You just have to let the music move you and you will be slimming down in no time.  I have been dancing as far back as I can remember to about age 5 and I now 62 and it is still in my blood.

Some of the benefits that I have experience from dancing has been a freedom of expression, the release of stress, strong immune system, strong bones, the ability to fight off diseases, feel good about myself, just to name a few.

But one of the remarkable things I discovered that when I came down with Prostate Cancer, the years of dancing actually helped me to be strong enough to go through it without the need for chemo!

I can remember growing up and guys would shy away from dancing because it was not considered to be manly enough. However I look at those same guys today and they are obese, some can barely walk!  Just perhaps if they had did some dance it could have made a difference in their lives today.  The body is not dumb, it could care less if you are dancing, running, biking or lifting weights, it just want you to move it! So get moving today!

Dance Fitness Videos On Demand!

Let's Get Our Groove On!

z-Dance Fitness

z-Dance Fitness exercising is a fun way to burn fat, calories and lose weight.  This workout consist of various fun moves, Latin, Hip Hop, Old School and more.


Senior Solid Gold Dance

This workout is for seniors and anyone else who loves to dance for fun and fitness.  The moves are fun, safe and effective to burn fat, calorie and weight loss.


Paul Dances Again!

After being sidelined for 2 years due to a back injury, Paul Eugene dances again!  Back out there again inspiring the world to fitness through dance.


Hip Hop Abs

Funky Standing Hip Hop Abs is a fun way to exercise your abs without laying down on the floor.  You move to the funky beat and work your abs.