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Chair Aerobics 1

is a seated exercise workout for people with limited mobility.  The entire workout is done while seated.  It helps burn fat and calories.


Chair Fitness

is a seated exercise workout that uses basic cardio moves such as marches, jumping jacks and more to help burn fat, calories and manage your weight.


Chair Box

is a seated exercise workout that uses moves from boxing like jabs, hooks, upper cuts, kicks and more.  It helps burn fat and calories.


Turbo Chair

is a advance seated exercise workout.  It is done at a high intensity and fast pace to help burn fat, calories and help manage your weight.

Who Is Chair Fitness For?

This seated exercise work is for people with limited mobility, or someone recovering from an injury that requires them to stay off their feet while exercising and is a good choice for baby boomers, seniors and anyone else who needs to sit, exercise and get fit.

What Are The Benefits?

The benefits of doing chair fitness are just about the same of doing any exercise workout on a regular basis.  The most common ones, are reduction in heart disease, reduce stress on the joints and body, rejuvenation of your spirit, soul and body, strengthening your body and of course helps burn fat, calories and manage your weight.

What Type of Workouts Are Offered?

Chair Fitness workouts created by international exercise instructor Paul Eugene offers workouts on 3 different levels, beginner, intermediate and advanced.  There are cardio, dance, strength training and some that specific toward seniors and wheel chair users.


Chair Fitness Workouts is committed to providing safe, effective and fun workouts to people with limited mobility.


I love your chair workouts, they are just what I needed, Mary, United States


Finally chair exercises that are fun and helps me break a sweat!

  • I've started the chair exercises and my husband and I really enjoy these chair workouts!! Thanks Mr. Paul

Staci & kevin

My seniors love your videos and your wonderful personality!!! Keep up the great work!!


Watching and working out with you in Scotland Paul Eugene. Thanks for your great and joyous workouts. Bless you.