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NYC Marathon

Many many years ago I got addicted to running.  It was not that I went looking for running, it came to me.  But in the 80’s I was working on the accounting staff at the New York Road Runners Club.  I had no interest in running, my passion was dancing.  Anyway, one day my boss said all of us have run in a 5K, said I am not a runner, however I put on the running gear I was supplied and joined everyone else at the starting line.  I did not know what to expect or how long a 5K was.  The gun sounded and the race was on.  I just kept running as fast as I could.  At one point I started to panic because I saw the medical team rushing to the scene.  I thought they were coming for me.  I started to worry more, but I kept running. I finish the race just under 13 minutes. I had no idea what that meant in the running world. Everyone said to me, thought you didn’t run.  I got hooked and started running every day.

I did my homework and read every book on running.  I discipline myself to get to bed by 10 pm, ate lots of fruits and vegetables and ran whether it was hot or cold, snow or rain or bright sunshine.  Some people think that running is boring and it can be, but while running I use let my creative mind give me vision of dance choreography.  Sometimes with music from my Walkman, remember those?

Running you either love or hate it.

Running is something that most people would have to ease into.  I suggest first start by taking brisk walks.  Then add a light jog for about a minute and then walk for 3 minutes.  Then gradually built up until you are not walking any more. You could join a running club or group for support.

The race is not for the swift but for he who has endurance

You may consider entering into a running race.  I would suggest a 1 miler or 2 miler and then built up to the bigger races.  Do I see you in a Marathon in the future?

NYC Marathon

That is exactly what I ended up doing in 1987.  It was a blast and something I will never forget.  So are up to running again if you have stopped?  I would suggest give it a try if your current health permits it.  As for me I have a back injury that prevents from doing so, but every morning I go for a 1 hour brisk walk and still feel the pleasure like I did when I was running.

Benefits From Running:

I can tell you that for me, running released a lot of stress and tension, it kept trim and left me feeling on a high.  It also challenge for to go after the things I wanted in life.  Running is a great motivator.

Paul Eugene

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Carole Swain November 13, 2020 at 3:02 am

Outstanding!! I am having so much fun with you, Paul! I used to do aerobics with Denise Austin al through the 90’s when I was a stay-at-home mom. I love your “old school” workouts! So fun and easy on my 55 year old body. When I say easy, I don’t mean I am not breaking a sweat! I get an amazing workout in a short amount of time. It feels so good to move again, and I am inspired by your running comments. I started running again, too. Just the light 1 minute jog, then walk for a few minutes. Thank you for doing what you are doing!! Hope you have a wonderful holiday season and a Merry Christmas (loved that March walk cardio Christmas workout!;-)

eugenepaul November 17, 2020 at 1:28 am

Thank you so much for your comments. I am grateful to part of your fitness journey.


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