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Floor Exercise Hips Thighs Abs

by pauleugene

Floor Exercise Workout Hips Thighs Abs

How many times have heard about the agony of doing floor exercises?  The truth is that it is only a agony if you let it be.  That’s the truth about all exercising.  Some you find more pleasure in it than others.  But it is something we must do to be healthy.  You notice I said heathy and not fit.  There is a difference between them.  When you hear the word fit you think of someone who appears to fit in the sense their outward body seems to have it all together. But are they really healthy?  Being healthy means both inside and out. You can be healthier inside your soul and spirit than your body.   In fact, every day are outward body is aging.  There is no fountain of youth to preserve it.

Doing floor exercises is just one of the means by which you are applying maintenance to your body.  You want that total body maintenance that is why cross training is the best.

If you have not done floor exercises in while, don’t worry this floor workout is easy to do. Give it a try.

Paul Eugene



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