Food Delivery Services

Food Delivery Services

Are they worth it?

I had ponder in my mind whether I would try a food delivery service or not.  I was so use to eating out being that I was working from home all the time. but when COV19 hit I found myself working from home.  I hardly ever cooked, I ate out most of the time. so I found self in a new normal.  I had to cook!

Food Delivery Service

I had seen the ads for various food delivery services online but I hesitated to try them.  So I did.  It was such a new normal for me to be cooking at home.  My kitchen and stove must have said what has gotten into him.  I got my first order delivered to me and it had everything I needed in the box to make 3 meals for the week that is for 2 people!  I found it interesting and fun to actual follow the receipts and be patience for the food to cooked.  I was hooked.  I didn’t mind washing, drying and putting the dishes away, nor cleaning off the stove.  This was a world I never knew existed.  The only down sides was the portion were to big for one person but ate them anyone, sometimes there would be a missing ingredient in the box, but it was never anything major.  However I still had to be mindful of how food I was taking in.  I tried 2 different food delivery services because I wanted to try one that was Keto based.  It was good. I felt even better cooking healthier food.

My curiosity peaked a little to try a food service that would actually cook all the meals and all I had to do was to heat them in the microwave.  At first I rejected this notion because I felt it would make me lazy.  I was so enjoying cooking the food myself.  I also felt it was nothing more than cooking a frozen food TV dinner I had done many years ago.  But there were two things that caught my attention.  One was that it was a Keto dinner and it was a serving for 1 person!.  So I canceled the one food service and went for one that would delivered the Keto frozen dinner for 1 person.  I have to tell you it was good.  I never had to eat a serving for 2 people like I did with the other service.  I can hear you say split the dinner up into two and save one for the next day.  I could have done that but usually it was the salads and vegetables were the big portions. Anyway, I have to say I enjoyed both types of services. But my mind began to ponder if I could simply to the supermarket and buy an Keto Frozen dinner myself and save on the shipping cost.  To be determined.

That has been my experience, let me know what your experience has been.

Paul Eugene

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