God Text

Walking with God Today and God sent me a text. Yes the text was his word from the Holy Bible. I just had to pick up the text and read it.

I have learn to rely and lean on the text from God, none more than ever. I am not sick or anything, but I am convince that only God knows how to embrace and love me. I find the older I get the more I want of God.

God has a way of showing you how much you need him but we will not know that unless we are listening. The other day God texted me Psalm 73 where it states that my heart and soul fails God every day. Yet God does not change. He continues to be God to me. He know that I am made of flesh and probe to fail, but God ready had a plan for my daily failures. His mercy is renewed every morning for none of us has ever lived a sin free day. Think about that. On your best day you still failed God in some way. You were celebrating not giving into the big failures that you forgot the little ones matter just as much. But God is the strength of our hearts and no failures or mistake are bigger than God

As I reflect on that, perhaps you will began to see just how big is the heart of God.

I enjoy my walks and talks with God everyday, God gets bigger and bigger each day.

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