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Jogging Challenge

by pauleugene
Paul Eugene

Jogging is one of my favorite cardio exercise workouts.  I use to be a runner many years ago, but due to back injury I had to modify my running to jogging or fast walking.  But I still feel the runners high when I in the moment jogging.   I need a intense jogging workout at least one day a week.  So I created the 65 minute jogging challenge.  The 65 goes with the fact that I am now 65 and still in good enough shape to continue to jog at a high intensity pace.  This jogging challenge is done at 160 BPM per minute.  That means you will take 160 steps each minute if you stay with the beat.

The benefits received from the jogging challenge are many:

  • Enhanced Cardio Vascular Conditioning
  • Release of Stress
  • Stronger Mental Capacity
  • Helps With Weight Loss

These are just a few.  Watch the video and join the jogging challenge.

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