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Mini Trampoline Rebounding

by pauleugene

Exercising on the Mini Trampoline

Rebounding or exercising on the mini trampoline is not just a fitness fad of the 80’s it is still around today.  I am going to give you my review on the “Free Jump Trampoline”.

The Free Jump Trampoline that is 31 inches round and has a stability bar that you can use as support while you jump and bounce on the trampoline.  The surface is nice and soft and has a nice bounce to it.  The trampoline is quiet while exercising on it.   What I didn’t like was how hard and time it took to place each metal rod in a hole and then clip on the mat.  It was not an easy task.   At one point I was ready to give up.  I was supposed to receive a brand-new mini trampoline to do the review with, but I got a used one with the faded logo.

mini trampoline





The rebounder cost $319 dollars.  That is pretty steep for a rebounder mini trampoline that does not fold up and can be difficult for storage if you don’t have space for it.  It’s not like the other rebounders that either fold in half or you can remove the legs then put the mini trampoline in a case.

My summary is the cost is too high. You can find cheaper models that have a nice bounce and also make storage for you easier by unscrewing or folding just 6 legs and slide into a nice case for storage under your bed, in a closet or behind a chair.  If storage space is an issue, then this one is not for you.

Paul Eugene


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