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Rebounding On Mini Trampoline

by pauleugene

Trampolines Aren’t Just For Kids

If you’ve driven through a suburban neighborhood recently, you probably saw a lot of backyard trampolines. They’re a very popular backyard toy for kids and teenagers, and many families own trampolines. Kids love to play on them, of course, but have you considered that trampolines might be a great way for you to work out and get some exercise?

Trampolines are often seen as kids’ toys, and certainly kids can jump randomly and play wildly on a trampoline. In fact, that’s how kids usually use a trampoline, and that’s fine. They’re actually getting a lot of exercise on the trampoline, having a good time, and not thinking about the fact that they’re actually doing something good for themselves. That’s a good way to get their fitness activities in.

The fact is, you can get a better workout on a trampoline than you can many other ways. Trampoline exercise is very challenging, because you not only exercise, but you have to get the hang of moving and exercising on a trampoline. We’re not used to moving on surfaces made essentially of elastic, so just learning to balance and move deliberately is a great way to build your fitness. You’ll be much more coordinated after a few weeks of exercising on a trampoline.

You know that you can get an aerobic workout on a trampoline; obviously the jumping and bouncing gets your heart pumping and builds your cardiovascular endurance and strength. But as you build your skill in jumping higher and landing where you want to land and how you want to land, you build other muscles. You’ll be surprised how much your legs, hips, and abs hurt after your first few really vigorous trampoline workouts. This is a good thing, even though it may not feel like it, because it means you’re getting a complete cardiovascular and lower body workout at the same time.

You’ll also build your balance and become more adept at using a trampoline after only a very short time of working out on this bouncing mat. You’ll learn how to move where and how you want and become a master of the trampoline. You will work out longer, and more effectively, the more you work on a trampoline, and you’ll really get a great fitness benefit from working out on a trampoline.

If all of that sounds good, there is one more benefit that hasn’t even been mentioned yet. Working out on a trampoline is fun. In fact, it can be a lot of fun, and you might find yourself really looking forward to your workout, something that most people don’t find inviting or interesting. If you’re tired of your regular workout or need to start working out but find it tedious and boring, you might be surprised how much you enjoy exercising when you do it on a trampoline.

If you don’t have a trampoline, you might want to see if you can spend some time on a friend’s and consider buying one for yourself just for the workout benefits. And of course, if you have kids who’ll enjoy it, that’s even better.

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